Areas of Practice

Joel & Joel, LLP in Oradell, New Jersey, provides a full range of legal services. Please contact our firm today to schedule a consultation in any of the following areas.

Intellectual Property: We properly protect and defend your intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, licensing, assignments, etc.) rights.

Elder Law: Many elderly people and their families are faced with the rising cost of medical and long-term nursing home care and are in need of Medicaid planning. Our firm can assist clients in addressing financial obstacles and protect their assets from rising costs. We are also able to handle guardianships and conservatorships.

Estate Planning & Administration: We assist people with estate planning to address their needs and desires and to make sure the intended beneficiaries inherit. We can also structure estate planning to minimize tax implications. We provide a comprehensive and personalized estate plan which may include a will, trust, living will (advance or medical directive), and power of attorney. We are there to assist executors and administrators settle estates of decedents through probate or administration. We are also able to represent individuals in a will contest or other litigation arising from estate matters.

Divorce, Matrimonial & Family Law: We assist individuals in divorce and family law matters wherein many issues can be in dispute such as alimony, child support, insurance, equitable distribution, custody, parenting time, domestic violence, and counsel fees. We are prepared to aggressively fight for your rights. We also handle clients matter in alternative dispute resolution programs such as mediation and arbitration. We are also able to prepare prenuptial agreements, separation agreements and property settlement agreements. After a divorce, we are able to represent you post judgment to modify a prior judgment or order. We are able serve all of your divorce, matrimonial and family law needs.

Litigation: We can handle court actions for you in whether it be the plaintiff or defendant in a debt collection action, dispute over goods or services, construction dispute, contract action, fraud, misrepresentation, bad faith, insurance, warranty, consumer fraud, foreclosure, business dispute, consumer dispute, and employment. We also can represent you in mediation or arbitration.

Real Estate: We can represent you in the sale, buy or refinance of residential or commercial property. We can also assist with deeds and title transfers, mortgages, leases, landlord‚ tenant, zoning, subdivision, condominiums, variance applications, foreclosure and land development matters.

Personal injury: We can represent you and assist in obtaining a recovery and compensation in matters involving personal injury such as slip and falls and motor vehicle accidents.

Municipal Court: We can protect your rights in municipal court be either obtaining a dismissal, plea bargain, or trial of the charges you face. We have experience in defending individuals facing the following charges – driving while intoxicated, refusal, driving while suspended, reckless driving, careless driving, unsafe driving, failure to stop or yield, illegal turns, speeding, equipment violations, failure to have insurance, failure to have a driver’s license, failure to have a registration, failure to have car inspected, parking tickets, disorderly or petty disorderly offenses, and ordinance violations.

We serve clients through out New Jersey including Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Morris County, Hudson County, and Union County.